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While it may be easy to stick your hand in the cookie jar or stop at 7-11 for a bag of chips and a soda, snacks should be low-calorie and highly nutritious to satisfy the dieter until the next meal.

Healthy snacks to eat on the run:

  1. Fiber One bars (delicious, especially the chocolate and oats)
  2. Kashi TLC Trail mix bars (my personal favorites)
  3. Gnu Bars (have 12 grams of fiber in each one!)
  4. Handful of almonds or walnuts or pistachio nuts (already shelled, of course)
  5. An apple cored and quartered and a little bit of peanut butter in a plastic container to dip it in.
  6. Grapes, or a box of raisins
  7. String cheese or a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, or an ounce of a hard cheese
  8. Low-fat popcorn in a baggie
  9. Baby carrots and a little hummus (in a plastic container)
  10. A couple of those “Ones” Prunes. They’re delicious!
  11. Dried fruit
  12. Whole-grain pretzels
  13. Whole-grain crackers w/ peanut butter or cheese
  14. Some cream cheese smeared on luncheon meat and then rolled up like a cigar
  15. A piece of dark chocolate

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