How it took us so long to discover the Cookie Diet I’ll never know, but better late than never! What could be better than a diet that actually promotes eating cookies? In fact, it’s the only thing the diet allows us to eat! You may have already heard the diet mentioned in the past, but paid little attention. I mean, for heaven’s sake…cookies? I sat up and paid attention recently when we saw a woman on a well-known chat show that claimed she’d dropped 100 pounds in just under 6 months of trying! This figure literally blew my mind. It wasn’t really that she’d lost 100 pounds; after all, that’s what dieting is about. BUT in 6 months is an incredible weight loss achievement.

The original cookie diet Being skeptical, I started researching the oringinal diet. There are several copycats out there, but Dr. Siegal, a still-practicing physician in Miami, created this diet and a special cookie formula. In the past 50 years of practicing medicine, he has helped over 500,000 people lose weight with this diet. The cookies, I was happy to see, contain no drugs or appetite suppressants and contain a mixture of amino acids, which naturally curb the dieting hunger pangs we all hate.

The cookie diet itself is based on high protein and low carbohydrates and is one of the simplest diets to follow. (And we’ve tested a bunch!) What is great about the Cookie Diet is that there are very few choices to make for the dieter (“will I have a cookie or a cookie?”) which keeps things simple and helps you stay on track when you hit those difficult days.

Each day you eat a package of 6 cookies. You don’t necessarily eat them at meal time, just throughout the day, as you’re hungry. That’s all you eat in the daytime - 6 cookies! Nothing else, no choices to make, no portion control to worry about, no weighing and measuring breakfast, lunch, or snacks. The 6 ‘special’ cookies total 500 calories. We all have different tastes and like different flavors so thankfully there’s a range to choose from so keep your eyes open for a flavor that suits you and your tastes.

The cookie diet is a high protein low carb diet

For your evening meal, you eat high protein foods and non-starchy vegetables. The amount depends on your total number of allotted calories, so weighing your protein is important to determine the caloric content. That’s it! It’s truly that simple! You should drink a lot of water though, and other zero calorie drinks are acceptable. You’ll be happy to know that drinking coffee is absolutely fine, even with artificial sweetener.

As with all drastic changes, it’s always a good idea to check with a physician before starting any diet that involves changing your normal patterns. In addition, you might want to consider having your blood tested so that you can compare before and after results for things such as cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides and blood pressure. Using these readings to chart your improvements will be hugely motivating. If this diet isn’t for you, check out the free weight loss diet plans page.