If you struggle against weight gain, consider using raw honey and lemon for weight loss. They are capable of striking a blow against weight gain, aiding the digestive processes and prevent fat from forming. Together, they pack an even stronger – and more nutritious – punch.

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Raw honey

As a natural sweetener, raw honey is a healthier alternative to sugar. It is also less fattening,

The “sugar rush” from sugar happens because sugar digests quickly and increases your blood sugar level, this triggers the production of insulin which transforms sugar into fat. Raw honey takes longer to digest and as such doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike, insulin to be released and fat to be formed.

Unlike sugar, honey also contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids. This makes raw honey more nutritious then sugar. Also, many of those amino acids help regulate your body’s metabolism. When your metabolism is working well, food is utilized properly and fat is converted into usable energy – and not stored.

This ability to prevent fat formation is a key reason why honey and lemon for weight loss works. Honey also neutralizes the acidic taste of the lemon and makes it sweeter and easier to drink.


Combining raw honey and lemon for weight loss ensures that, not only do you produce less fat; but that you get many important nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

As a citrus fruit, lemons are packed with vitamin-C. Being deficient in vitamin-C can lead to difficulties in shedding body fat as vitamin-C is necessary for the chemical reactions which break down for energy. Vitamin-C also increases liver function and fat metabolism.

Lemons also contain flavonoids which decrease the liver’s production of cholesterol and triglycerides which help with weight loss and also in the treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes.

Lemon juice is also said to increase the function of glutathione, an antioxidant for detoxification and quick slimming.

Lemon juice and hot water is considered a good digestion aid that can help set conditions that are conductive to weight loss. Taking lemon and warm water causes a slight increase in thermogenesis – body temperature – that can trigger a temporary increase in metabolism.

Lemons are also diuretic, which means that it will increase your urge to urinate and help rid you of water weight. Hot lemon water also has laxative properties, helping regulate your bowel movements.

Lemon Water

Honey and lemon juice for weight loss

When you use honey and lemon for weight loss, you are getting a double dose of their metabolism-stimulating properties and fat prevention abilities.

Try the following recipe to use honey and lemon for weight loss:



Mix the raw honey and lemon juice into a glass of warm water.

To use honey and lemon for weight loss, stimulate your metabolism by taking a glass of this every morning on an empty stomach. Yet another way to use raw honey and lemon for weight loss is to use it to encourage effective digestion, take a glass after a big or oily meal.