cleanising detox diets Cleansing detox diets are rapidly becoming the hottest craze around today for body detoxification purposes!

You may think this is a relatively new approach to dieting, but it’s basically been around for years. Your mothers and grandmothers were familiar with similar diets. Cleansing detox diets were previously known as fasting diets.

The difference seems to be that some of the medical communities now agree that periods of “fasting and flushing” are good for our systems; therefore, it’s inevitable that more and more cleansing detox diets will be coming to your attention.

Also, called “cleansing” diets, detox diets are touted as one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Proponents further say that “cleansing” provides a multitude of benefits, including faster weight loss, more energy, a better complexion, better circulation, better digestion, and improved concentration.

It doesn’t take an expert in anatomy to easily understand that the colon holds the wastes from your body. Cleansing detox diets are designed to flush out the fecal matter that attaches itself to the walls of the colon. This matter, which is reported to sometimes be decades old, releases toxins into you system.

One of the leaders in this field is Dr. Anne Louise Gittelman, a former nutritionist for the Pritikin Longevity Center, and author of many books, including The Fat Flush Plan.

Dr. Gittelman reports, “Many of us have livers that are tired and full of leftover toxins. By detoxifying the organ, we can restore its fat-burning power and begin to lose weight.”

She goes on to recommend that dieters get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and keep a food journal, all good recommendations for any diet!

The Fat Flush Plan is set up in phases, with Phase One responsible for detoxifying the liver, Phase Two reintroducing some foods back into the diet, and Phase Three increasing calories and exercise.

While there are many other cleansing and detox diet plans available such as The Raw Food Diet, The Diuretic Diet, The Green Tea Diet, The Liquid Diet, and The Juice Diet, one of the most popular ones seems to be The Master Cleansing Diet, which is also known as The Lemonade Diet.

cleanising detox diets The Lemonade Diet involves a 2-7 day fast while drinking a special concoction. The recipe for The Lemonade Diet is as follows:

1 Tbsp. Lemon juice

2 Tbsp. Grade B Maple Syrup

2 pinches Cayenne pepper

12 oz. Purified water

Drink this mixture several times a day, whenever you’re thirsty or hungry. You can also drink purified water alone, but nothing else. You should add a multivitamin for obvious reasons. Because you’re getting no fiber, they recommend that you take some type of herbal colon cleanser, such as the OxyPowder cleansing system.

So, do these cleansing detox diets work? That depends on whom you ask. Flushing the system seems to have some genuine health benefits. Proceed with caution, however.

Breaking a fast must be done gently. Slowly reintroduce solid food. Understand that the water weight you lost will return, at least in part, once you start eating solid foods. Fast weight loss is not the same as fat loss.

Understand also that these diets are not easy to follow. If you’re overweight, then like me, you’re probably very fond of food and the process of eating. The first 2-3 days will be the hardest. After that, your body adjusts.

As always, see a doctor before starting anything new, especially if you have any existing medical conditions.

If you’re still looking for that perfect weight loss program to fit your lifestyle, check out our other free diets! Two less drastic, but just as effective ways to jump-start weight loss (and I’ve experienced success on both) are The Pilot’s Diet and 5-4-3-2-1.