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Welcome to faq-stay motivated to diet

Motivational tips that help me:

  1. Reading weight loss books, magazine articles, and websites.
  2. Reading this page on motivation:
  3. Keeping a food and exercise log. Research shows that people who track their food consumption lose more weight and stay on diets longer than those who don’t.
  4. Post motivational weight loss quotes around the house.
  5. Keep a picture handy of either fat or skinny me–whichever works.
  6. Positive self-talk. I take a little time each morning to think about why I’m dieting, what I hope to accomplish, what I need to do to get there, and what I imagine I’ll look like when it happens.
  7. Stop and think before eating anything. Don’t eat mindlessly–eat with intention. Eat slowly, chew well, and savor your food.
  8. For a month-long diet, try cutting up 30 squares of paper and writing one reason that you want to lose weight on each square. Each morning, select a square and let that be your focus of the day. Keep the square with you throughout the day and spend a few minutes thinking about it during the day.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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