Did you know you could actually lose weight in a week? Most of us want to lose weight as quickly as possible, so if rapid weight loss is your goal, keep reading as this page will talk you through some of the best approaches to dropping weight in 7 days! Most people who need fast weight loss try to achieve it by fasting or starving themselves. BIG mistake! What many people don’t realize is that this type of approach is the WORST possible way to lose weight fast! Surprised I bet? Well let’s just take a moment and talk about why this doesn’t work..

Everyone can lose weight in a week by avoiding empty calories

When you starve your body for an extended period of time, your metabolism slows down to the point that it’s almost impossible for you to burn extra calories at all. This is a natural response and your body’s way of trying to save as many calories as it can. However, by regularly fueling the body, you can keep your metabolism high and continue burning calories constantly. THIS is the dieting approach you need to follow to achieve the results you really want to see!

There are a few simple rules to follow which will help you lose weight in a week and be thrilled with the results. For the next 7 days, follow these guidelines exactly, with NO cheating! Firstly, you need to record your weight and body measurements prior to starting the week. Keep a weight loss journal where you can record your food consumption, daily activity, and thoughts - this will help you to keep your motivation up and stay on track for the whole week. You can expect to have a few tough days, but stay focused!

The next step is to eat 3 small meals each day with 2 small snacks. Meals should be approximately 300 calories each and snacks should be 100 calories each. Eat healthy, highly nutritious foods and NO empty calories! What is an empty’ calorie? Well fast food, microwave meals, processed foods, candy, sugary sodas - these are all empty calories as they offer you zero nutritional value at all. Stick to fruit, vegetables and fresh meat for best results.

Other Ways To Increase Your One Week Weight Loss..

  • Eating from small plates will help you to control your portions sizes too by tricking your mind into thinking you’ve eaten enough. Overeating, even of healthy food, can be a block to effective weight loss. To help you feel fuller for longer, also make sure you drink plenty of water (at least 6-8 tall glasses each day.) Not only will the water help you feel full but it will help to flush out your system of toxins too.

  • Avoid all sweet drinks, including diet soda - this is incredibly important! Many of us misunderstand the ‘diet’ label found on some sweet drinks. All this means is that it contains a ‘lower sugar’ level than the original version - it doesn’t mean that it’s ‘low sugar’ in comparison to other drink types. Also avoid all alcoholic beverages as they provide empty calories and drastically weaken your will power! As an alternative, take a look at our weight loss shake recipes page.

One week weight loss is all about eating clean food with no empty calories

  • Take a multivitamin each day to help your body stay healthy and cope. This won’t actually help you lose weight, but will help support your body during the one week weight loss changes and also keep your immune system strong. If you’re a little further along into life, you may find the weight loss after menopause page.

  • Eliminate as much salt as possible from your diet. Don’t eat salty foods and don’t add salt to your food. If you really must, use a salt alternative or substitute when cooking and try to limit how much you use. At the same time, avoid all sugar. High sugar foods provide no nutritional value and slow weight loss substantially.

  • A really important point is exercise, the more you exercise, the more weight you will lose weight in a week. Try to sweat, huff, and puff at least 30 minutes each day. Any activity is fine, the more is better! At the very least, take a 30-minute walk each day and look for ways to get more activity into your daily routine, such as taking the stairs. Try listen to your favorite workout songs and keep a positive attitude - it will all help you to lose weight in a week!

You can find out about more hints and tips on our rapid weight loss ideas page. Keep your mind focused on your one-week goal and look forward to the results, you can do this! For longer-term weight loss, you need a weight loss plan, such as our free Pilots Diet or 54321 Diet.