Don’t you just love delicious, healthy recipes? I wish I could tell you that I’m a fabulous cook who specializes in recipes that include healthy, low-calorie meals. The truth of the matter is that I rarely cook. I have some skills in the kitchen, but just never picked up the habit of cooking on a regular basis. You’ll notice my personal recipes because they tend to be descriptive as opposed too conventional. I rarely use exact amounts and frequently change up the ingredients.

Fortunately, I have many good friends who are excellent cooks and who have agreed to share some of their favorite, low-calorie, recipes. I will only include recipes that meet this criteria; however, please keep in mind the most important factor in determining your weight loss success is portion size.

I am thoroughly convinced that you can eat pretty much what you want if you don’t over-indulge. That, of course, is the challenging part. See weight loss tips for suggestions that may help. I will include recipes that provide ideas for appetizers, entrees, side dishes, soups (my favorite), and desserts.

Welcome to Healthy Recipes Low-Calorie & Vegetarian Meals I’ll have to choose a category for each recipe but understand that many of the appetizers or side dishes could easily be meals by themselves, especially if you prefer vegetarian recipes. Please click on the links below to see healthy, low-calorie recipes that you can enjoy and savor without guilt. I’ll include the nutritional information if it’s available and I’ll try to keep the pages as simple as possible for printing purposes.