Yoga and weight loss go together so naturally that yoga is rapidly becoming one of the premier fitness activities of the twenty-first century! There are all levels of yoga classes, from the beginning to the most rigorous power yoga. Losing weight with yoga is about more than just burning calories, it’s about improving strength, flexibility and general well-being!

Yoga and weight loss go hand in hand On average, a 150-pound person would only burn about 150 calories in an hour-long yoga class. We say “only” but 150 calories is not bad when you consider the other benefits of spending an hour in class. Once you develop basic skills and advance to the power classes, the results are significantly more impressive!

I remember the first time I attended this intense class. I expected to be calm and centered and communicate with my ‘inner yogi’. Man, was I in for a surprise! The sweat was literally dripping on my mat and my fatigued muscles were quivering! It really is a great all over workout that will benefit anybody.

Yoga can benefit you for an entire lifetime. Because it effectively reduces stress and anxiety, it consequently reduces the emotional overeating that many people are tempted to engage in!

Studies even show that yoga lowers stress hormones levels and increases sensitivity to insulin. This provides a signal to your body to burn your food as fuel instead of storing it as fat. Another great reason to give Yoga a try! Who wouldn’t want that benefit?

Special breathing techniques taught in classes can increase the oxygen intake to the body’s cells. This results in the increased burning of fat cells. Take the time to correctly learn how to breathe and practice the technique while watching Tv, driving in your car, or sitting at your desk at work. Imagine all those benefits, wrapped up in an exercise designed to keep you calm and help make you lean. This is why Yoga and weight loss go together perfectly!

The benefits of Yoga..

the benefits of yoga and weight loss

  • Flexibility - Provides greater range of motion
  • Strength - Supports body-weight in various poses
  • Muscle tone - Promotes long, lean muscles
  • Pain prevention - Improves flexibility and strength
  • Better breathing - Promotes better use of lungs
  • Mental calmness - Teaches meditation techniques
  • Stress reduction - Reduces stress and tension
  • Body awareness - Improves posture and self-confidence

Yoga is one activity whose popularity has exploded in the past few years and is now accepted as a mainstream fitness regime. With its ability to reduce stress, tone muscles and improve your well being. Believe it or not, over forty million Americans currently practice Yoga!

Most people, who give this activity a try, stick with it for life! Age has no bearing on whether or not you can be successful. The majority of people who continue practicing become flexible and limber enough to succeed in most poses while burning belly fat. Of course, there are some exceptions…a few of the poses look downright pretzel-like!

Does Yoga for weight loss actually work well?

You only need to take one class to answer that question! In fact, this activity offers a “double whammy!” In addition to the obvious physical benefits of burning calories and fat, this practice reduces anxiety and stress, which in turn, reduces recreational eating.