Anyone trying to lose weight knows how important it is to burn maximum calories! Activity equals weight loss so it’s imperative to find ways to be more active! The excellent news is that everything we do burns calories! Your body even burns calories at rest. This is commonly called your basal metabolic rate. Take a look at the comparison between these common activities and the number of calories they burn, based on body weight!

Calories Expended..

ACTIVITY/30 minutes 150 POUNDS 200 POUNDS
Sitting in class 61.3 81.8
Working on computer 51.1 68.1
Watching TV 34 45.4
Cleaning house 102.2 136.3
Mowing the lawn 187.4 250
Shoveling Snow 204.5 272.7
Walking/3mph 112.5 150
Walking/4mph 170.4 227.2
Swimming/crawl 272.7 363.6
Softball 170.4 227.2
Running/6mph 340.9 454.5
Raquetball 238.6 318.1
Golf/with cart 119.3 159
Dancing 153.4 204.5
Biking/13mph 272.7 363.6

Working out on an empty stomach?

A 2011 report published in Strength and Conditioning Journal reports that the body burns approximately the same amount of fat regardless of whether you eat before or after a workout. The report goes on to state, however, that without proper fuel for the workout, your body may lose muscle, and your calorie-burn will be diminished. This study directly contradicts the myth that exercising on an empty stomach burns more fat.

To improve your overall cardiovascular health, you should workout within your target heart rate. Your THR is the range that is 50%-85% of your maximum heart rate. To jump start your motivation and help you burn maximum calories, click here to get your FREE printable weight loss journal page and FREE printable exercise log page.