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Welcome to Exercise Log Sheet

An exercise log sheet has long been regarded as a valuable weight loss tool, but recent research claims that using one can actually double your weight loss efforts!

Four clinics around the country recently conducted a joint study and the outcome was that maintaining these records amplified weight loss! Can you imagine? It’s as easy as that! Who wouldn’t want to double their chances of being successful?

Start keeping track of your food intake and your energy expenditure today and you can lose twice as much weight as individuals who don’t!

Don’t be one of “those people” who claim it’s too much trouble! The benefits are worth the few extra minutes it will take. Start today and watch your pounds drop away…

Recording your workout data enables you to track your progress at a glance. You will be able to sum up the overall picture quickly and make decisions about your fitness goals.

Activity is a key element to any weight loss program and this data will be a valuable motivational tool!

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