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Welcome to printable weight loss journal! These easy to use printable weight loss journals will help you stay focused and motivated as you work each day to reach your weight loss goals.

Are you tired of being overweight?

Are you ready to make a fresh start?

Are you looking for a way to track your progress?

Research clearly supports the theory that people who track their food intake stay on their diets longer and lose more weight than dieters who do not use a weight loss tracker.

If you’ve never tracked your food intake before, you might be hesitant to start. Sure, at the beginning it’s a little difficult to get used to, but after a few days, it will become second nature.

Some people prefer to use their journal on the go. Just stick it in your purse or briefcase and complete it as you move throughout your day. Most people prefer to complete it at home.

Some dieters will plan out their daily meals and snacks in the morning or even the night before. Others will wait and complete the weight loss tracker in the evening. It doesn’t matter which method you use, as long as you find one that works for you and use it!

You might wonder why it’s important to complete the printable weight loss journal. Writing down everything that goes into your mouth is one of the most important strategies to help you stay on your program!

  • It gives you an opportunity to look back at your week’s diet progress at a glance.
  • You can check to see if you ate the recommended servings from each of the food groups.
  • You can check to see if you exercised each day.
  • When your weight loss motivation falters you can see what went wrong. That gives you time to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.
  • If you reach a plateau in your weight loss journey, you can look back on a particularly good week and reproduce it!

In addition to the food charts (there are two to choose from), I am providing the FREE Weight Loss Journal Companion Guide. Complete this guide before you begin your diet.

Answering the questions carefully and thoughtfully will help prepare you for the journey ahead. With these two printable weight loss charts and the companion guide, you will be ready to begin your adventure of creating a whole new you! Good luck!

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Welcome to printable weight loss journal