Portion control is the single most important factor in healthy eating! For every doctor that supports one medical theory, you’ll find a doctor that thinks it’s “rubbish.” For every weight-loss expert who supports one diet plan, you find another who calls it “ridiculous.” With so many diet plans and weight loss options available, how are you supposed to choose? Don’t worry, there’s good news!

The one thing that diet and fitness experts agree on is the importance of portion control! While you may choose short-term “drastic” diets to get ready for a special event or to jump-start your weight loss for motivational purposes; without the knowledge, understanding, and practice, you’re most likely doomed to find that weight again.

What about portion control when eating away?

Welcome to Portion Control It’s easier, of course, if you’re eating at home to determine portion sizes. What are you supposed to do if you’re eating in a restaurant or at a friend’s house and you’re not in control of what is served? Don’t despair! There are several options. The 5-4-3-2-1 Diet Plan is the perfect diet to follow when you’re eating away from home! No foods are off-limits. You simply follow the easy rules. Click above to learn more about this exciting, new diet.

Another option available to you is to follow the easy guidelines outlined below to help you judge portion sizes.


Food Portion Size Estimate
Meat, Fish-cooked 3 oz palm, cassette, card deck
Cheese 1 oz. 3 dominoes, 4 dice
Apple, orange 1 medium women’s fist
Canned fruit 1/2 cup light bulb
Cooked cereal, rice 1 cup(2 servings) tennis ball
Cooked dried beans 1/2 cup light bulb
Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp. golf ball
Potato 1 medium computer mouse
Mashed Potatoes 1 cup average fist
Oil, Salad dressing 2 Tbsp. shot glass
Butter, Margarine 1 tsp. 1 Scrabble tile or dice
Pasta, cooked 1 cup-2 servings tennis ball
Bagel 1-average hockey puck
Pancake, Waffle 1 DVD
Nuts 1/4 cup golf ball, 1 egg
Chips, Pretzels 1 oz. 2 handfuls
Ice Cream 1/2 cup racquet ball
Egg roll, Burrito 1 small bar of soap
Cake, donut small bar of soap

What about cooking and eating at home?

Welcome to portion control Practicing portion discipline is critical. In the diet tools section of this website, it was recommended that you purchase a food scale and measuring spoons to help you learn proper portion sizes when you are cooking at home. A tablespoon of heart-healthy olive oil, for example, is a very small amount. Having these tools will enable you to weigh and measure your food until you have seen the proper amounts enough to make educated “guess-timations.”

Use the nutrition fact label on products to help you with portion sizes. Read the labels carefully though, because looks can be deceiving!