Are you in need of exercise tips to encourage rapid and healthy weight loss?

One of the best exercise tips I can give you is to find yourself a “Marian.” My friend, Marian, joined a gym on her 30th birthday and hasn’t stopped since. That was almost thirty years ago. She makes activity a part of her daily regime as routine as brushing her teeth.

That kind of self-discipline is both a thing to marvel at and a royal pain. She constantly pushes me and accepts no excuses. She is the most competitive person I know and the most fearless. Every time she gets involved in a new exercise, be it weight lifting, yoga, or her latest, swimming, I have to get involved as well.

Welcome to Exercise Tips

Why she puts up with my grumbling is beyond me but I’m secretly glad that she does. She makes me do what I know I need to do but probably wouldn’t do without her influence.

Like me, you’ll probably get to a point sooner or later where you know you need to get moving if you’re going to keep moving! Nothing makes us old faster than being sedentary! Keep that in mind when looking for inspirational exercise tips!

Obviously, one of the easiest exercise tips, and the easiest activity to help us lose weight or maintain our weight is walking. Other than a comfortable pair of shoes, nothing else is needed.

It can be done anywhere, anytime, indoors or out. I try to walk 30-60 minutes most days but as with most types of exercise, I get bored after about thirty minutes.

That’s where my iPod comes in handy. I have it loaded up with all my favorite workout songs and only use it when exercising so that it doesn’t get old. One day a week, Marian and I do a long walk, anywhere from five to nine miles. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes when talking to a good friend.

Walking four miles an hour burns approximately 500 calories but four miles an hour is a pretty fast clip. So…get a good friend or some top 40 workout music and get walking!

As I mentioned earlier, Marian’s newest activity, and therefore mine, is swimming laps. We’re lucky as our city has several recreational centers with large indoor pools. We just happen to live close to the one that is the least crowded. Once I got over the whole bathing suit in public issue, and the swim cap issue, and let’s not forget the goggle-eyes issue, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed (well, okay…didn’t HATE) swimming.

Welcome to Exercise Tips!

Once you’re in the pool, no one can see you, and it’s one of the few activities where excess weight doesn’t work against you. Swimming laps continuously for an hour burns approximately 470-670 calories, depending on your weight.

Joining a gym can be a fun way to exercise and meet people. There are even exercise studios that cater to women-only if you find the whole “health club” experience to be too intimidating.

If you prefer to exercise indoors without special equipment, there are thousands of exercise DVDs available. These can be purchased at sporting goods stores, bookstores, and online. In addition, many video stores will rent exercise videos and DVDs and many public libraries will check them out to you free of charge.

Working out on an empty stomach?

A 2011 report published in Strength and Conditioning Journal reports that the body burns approximately the same amount of fat regardless of whether you eat before or after a workout.  The report goes on to state, however, that without proper fuel for the workout, your body may lose muscle, and your calorie-burn will be diminished.  This study directly contradicts the myth that exercising on an empty stomach burns more fat.

Lots of exercise equipment is available and much of it is fun to use. Don’t feel, though, that you have to have it to be successful. You can find many items around your house that you can use to help you exercise. Canned goods can be used as hand weights. Broom handles can be used for stretching. Chairs can be used for dips, and walls can be used for standing push-ups.

The benefits of exercise are unbelievable! The coolest benefit is that exercise is the gift that keeps on giving. When you exercise regularly, your body continues to burn more calories even after you’ve quit working out.

Incorporate these exercise tips into your life and enjoy the many health benefits!


L. Thomas