Welcome to the DASH diet

The DASH Diet Plan was ranked #1 by the US News & World Reports in 2011! That honor alone makes this diet worth paying attention to!

DASH stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” and was originally planned as a way to end high blood pressure without taking medication. One in every three adults has high blood pressure in the United States, and controlling blood pressure can be as simple as diet and exercise, or as complicated as having to take multiple prescriptions, depending on the individual.

Although this program was designed to address specific health concerns, it has been widely recognized as a healthy eating plan for all individuals.

This diet is rich in natural, non-processed foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, lean meat, fish, beans, nuts, and low-fat dairy. It is low in sodium and unhealthy fats. In fact, this diet is the premiere low-sodium, hypertension diet!

The DASH Diet Action Plan by Marla Heller, MS, RD, is available in hardback or e-book versions. The book includes the details of the eating plan, tips and strategies, 28 days of actual meals, recipes, and customized support.

Welcome to the DASH diet

This diet is a healthy, balanced plan that would work for anyone that wants to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol.

In addition, the plan is excellent for individuals who want to lose weight and lower their risk for diabetes.

The plan not only decreases the risk of heart disease, but it also helps lower the risk for certain types of cancer.

While researching the plan, I couldn’t help being reminded of the Mediterranean diet, which is also considered one of the healthiest lifestyles. These two eating plans have much in common. There are many free Mediterranean diet recipes available to help get you started.

Researchers have long believed that processed foods may be to blame when it comes to weight gain and higher risks for certain diseases.

For those of us that are constantly on the go, fast-foods and processed foods are easy to consume. Let’s face it…it takes time and effort to plan and shop for healthy meals. One thing that we can all agree on is that our health is worth the trouble! The DASH diet makes those necessary lifestyle changes a little easier to make.

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