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Well, the easy answer is that water helps you stay full and satisfied so that you will eat less. In addition, hydrated cells have been shown in studies to function much better than cells that are not hydrated…

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FAQ: How do I know when I’ve had enough water?

Well, I’m a huge water drinker! I love the taste of it and I love the way it makes me feel. Doctors once thought that we all needed about 8 glasses a day and that if you got thirsty; it meant you were already dehydrated. Research now shows that if you drink when you’re thirsty, you’ll take in plenty of water. In addition, experts say that our bodies generally get plenty of water in foods that we eat and regular drinking that we do.

Personally, water keeps me feeling full, and keeps my skin looking nice. I try to drink at least 10 glasses a day and miss it if I can’t have it for some reason. As long as you don’t feel “parched” and dehydrated, then your body is most likely getting all of its water needs.

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