Comfortable workout clothes just may be the most important component to sustained activity! For people at an ideal weight, purchasing exercise apparel is easy. Everything fits and everything looks great! For the rest of us, it’s not quite that simple.

As a person whose weight yo-yos constantly, I am always looking for workout clothing that I can put on and ignore, without it rubbing my skin, or me having to tug at it. Finding polyester/cotton/spandex walking shorts that are the right length for my short legs, or a t-shirt that is wide enough to not hug my hips, but doesn’t fall to my knees can be quite a challenge. I am on a quest to find those items that I believe are the most comfortable and offer them to you to check out yourselves.

The most valuable item in my closet is definitely the yoga pant. I must own a dozen! They are comfortable for exercising and comfortable for lounging. I love to pair mine with a long, loose top, and that has become my go-to outfit for hanging around the house. The best part about them is that unlike sweat pants, they always look neat and stylish–presentable for a quick trip to the grocery store or to run an errand.

Finding a good pair of shorts suitable for walking, jogging, or even running can be a real challenge. Nothing is more annoying than to find yourself wearing a pair of shorts that hike up the inside thighs! My favorite brand seems to be off the market, but I’m always looking for the next, great pair! Your comfortable workout clothes must consist of a good pair of shorts that don’t ride up.

A good exercise bra is imperative as well. This can be challenging for a plus-size girl, especially if you aren’t well endowed. One of my favorites is made by Spanx. I hope you come back to visit as I will be adding more comfortable workout clothes to this page. In the meantime, enjoy activity every day!