Strenuous exercise equals fat-burn, but did you know that you can burn fat walking? How many calories you burn depends on various factors such as gender, weight, age, intensity, muscle mass, etc. But generally speaking, fitness walking is a safe, efficient exercise that can help you achieve your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

When we exercise, not all the calories that we burn are from fat. To ensure that you burn fat walking, make sure that you are walking at a pace that leaves you huffing and puffing.

Walking on a regular basis can reduce stress, strengthen back muscles, improve sleep, and slim your waist! It takes no special equipment, other than a good pair of shoes. Walking can be done outdoors, indoors, or even in a swimming pool. To enjoy the benefits of walking indoors, you don’t even have to own a treadmill. There are many excellent walking DVDs that you can use right in your living room!

Calories Burned Walking for 30 Minutes:

Walking Speed You weigh
 150 lbs You weigh
 200 lbs You weigh
 300 lbs
3 mph (20 min/mi) 112.5 150 225
3.5 mph (17min/mi) 129.5 172.7 259
4 mph (15 min/mi 170.4 227.2 340.9

Welcome to Burn Fat Walking

Do you want to AMP UP your fat-burn?

  • Increase your speed
  • Increase your time
  • Increase the number of days you walk
  • Increase your resistance by walking hills, stairs, beach sand, using ankle weights or a weighted vest, etc.
  • Try interval training where you power walk for 1-2 blocks, and then return to your normal pace for 1-2 blocks.
  • Increase your muscle mass

Check out this 30 Minute Fat Burning Power Walk!