It's Time For Summer Weight Loss Success!
Here's how to Look Great for the Sun..

Summer weight loss is achievable for everybody

Ah, summer weight it that time of the year already? Are your days getting longer? Are the flowers starting to bloom? Is the temperature getting warmer? If so, that can only mean one thing! It's time to lose weight for the summer season! Whether warm weather is months away or right around the corner, you still have time to make healthy choices that will have you feeling confident and looking great. It's time to make a summer weight loss plan and get going! We've got everything you need here, so lets kick start your summer weight loss.

It's always the same old story, we all plan to drop a few extra pounds in time for the beach but never quite get round to it. Before you know it, the sun is out and you're wishing you'd started getting in shape sooner! So how about making a change this year and working for a body you're proud to show off in your summer clothes or swimsuit? Let's start by appreciating all the great opportunities the improving weather offers us to get going. The great outdoors, the nice weather and of course, the delicious fresh foods available.

This is the time of year that the fresh fruits and vegetables are available in abundance! In addition, with the longer days, there are extra hours to enjoy being active! So everything is there to help us. All you need is a proven, effective diet. Check out The Pilot’s Diet, which is totally free and will help you blast through your belly-fat. We're giving it to you FREE, so no excuses! I've tried this diet twice now and lost 18 pounds the first time, and 20.8 the second!

Summer weight loss is easier than in other seasons,
so no more sweat suits, it's bathing suit time!

The summer is a great time to push your weigh loss efforts

Let's think about the food first! Hmmm...fresh fruits and vegetables! Weight loss shake recipes are plentiful and a great way to start your day, the link here will take you to a page with more info. Try mixing 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup fat-free plain yogurt, 1/2 banana, and mixed berries into a blender with ice. This will be the most fabulous summer breakfast you can imagine and it's so healthy and nutritious too!

Drink one of these for breakfast over a two-week period and you'll feel fuller for longer and you'll see your weight begin to drop. You can make different flavors with different fruits and you can add protein with a low-calorie protein whey product if you're the sport or active type. On top of all that, you'll have satisfied a large part of your food pyramid recommendations for dairy and fruit!

This delicious breakfast will certainly keep you satisfied until your next meal! Try it today and see the benefits yourself. Click here for more delicious, healthy recipes or take a look at the Pilot's Diet program mentioned earlier - look for the link above for more info on this diet.

In addition to all the great foods that are available, another huge boost to your summer weight loss program is the opportunity for more varied activity! Dark mornings and cold temperatures can no longer be used as excuses! Make a commitment to start being active today - come on.. you know the hardest part is getting out the door that very first time. You can do this!

Summer is a wonderful time to focus on making wiser food choices. Check this out if your summer weight loss plan includes a goal to eat healthy. HINT..It should! Make a few small goals at first that will provide some huge benefits to your health. Focus on a healthy summer diet full of foods with rich colors and flavors! Make a commitment to drink more water. Even if you don't need as much water as the experts once thought, it helps you feel full and it helps to flush out your system! How can that possibly be a bad thing right?

Find a buddy

Find an activity buddy and try something new that you think might be fun. If you approach your daily     activity as "play time" instead of "exercise", you'll stick to it longer. So choose a simple exercise for weight loss and begin to take charge of yourself!

Want to supercharge your weight loss efforts?

If you have the drive and desire to do more to lose weight faster and look great sooner, you have the option of sticking to a stricter diet program. Check out our weight loss eating plan section to choose a suitable diet to super-charge your summer weight loss! These diets are designed for permanent weight loss, but it's important to remember when you decrease the amount of food you eat, you need to ensure the foods you do eat are highly nutritious! You don't want a sluggish metabolism which will stall your weight loss. 

There are many wonderful weight loss tips that will help you achieve your summer goals. Remember, you don't have to change everything at once. Start small and think big!

  • Commit to doing some activity every day. Start with 20 minutes if that is what it will take to get you out the door. You can always add more as you feel stronger. 
  • Commit to adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet - go for the most color! 
  • Commit to drinking more water to keep yourself hydrated and feeling full. 
  • Small changes add up to big rewards so get going and enjoy the summer!

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