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Rapid Weight Loss Ideas

Welcome to rapid weight loss ideas!

Are in you in search of some rapid weight loss ideas to help you jump-start diet and exercise? We all know that slow, steady weight loss is healthier in the long run, but sometimes we just need to see results quickly--no time for playing around with one pound a week!

So, whether you have a special event coming up, or a special outfit to get into, or you just need to see some quick results to help your motivation, let these tips for rapid weight loss help you today!  


Remember, these suggestions are meant for the "short-term" and only if you want, need, or plan to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time. As always, work with your medical professional when dieting. My best suggestion is to choose an amount of time to follow these rapid weight loss ideas --for example, 30 days or less-- and reap the many rewards:

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Welcome to rapid weight loss ideas!

Rapid Weight Loss Tips:

  • Give up all sweet drinks. Yes, even diet soda! Drink mostly water. Your cells need to be well hydrated to function properly and nothing does the trick quite like water! Drink plenty of it, as it will help flush your system and help keep you feeling full.
  • Never eat more than 400 calories at one time. Eat 3 small, very healthy meals each day. Include 2 small, healthy snacks, of no more than 150 calories each.  The 5-4-3-2-1 Diet is an excellent way to minimize portions!
  • To keep your metabolism strong, make every calorie count! When you drastically restrict your caloric intake, you don't want to consume empty calories. Get as much nutrition as you possibly can.
  • Eliminate sweets!  I know, I know...but it's not forever. The first three days will be the hardest and then after that, you'll wonder why it was such a big deal. Sugar provides nothing in the way of good nutrition and only makes you crave more.
  • One of the best rapid weight loss ideas is to eliminate alcohol. Remember, it's for less than 30 days, not forever. Alcohol is like sugar, nothing but empty calories...you simply can't keep your metabolism working at peak efficiency if you aren't getting enough nutrient-rich foods.
  • Give up as much salt as you can or at the very least, choose not to eat salty foods. For rapid weight loss, you don't want your body hanging on to fluid.
  • Take a multivitamin daily.
  • Get plenty of rest. All experts agree that sleep deprivation will sabotage your weight loss!
  • Reduce the stress in your life! Stress and weight loss are not compatible!
  • Activity is essential for quick weight loss! If exercise is not your favorite thing, then you must look for ways to be more active in your day. Spend half of your lunchtime walking the stairs, do calisthenics during television commercials, volunteer to walk the dog, etc. Actually, finding ways to be more active throughout the day can be more effective in fat burning than a formal exercise session!
  • Write down everything you eat! This is absolutely imperative because it helps you be hyper-aware of everything that goes in your mouth. All those licks, tastes, and bites add up and can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Follow these rapid weight loss ideas for even 7 days and see just how impressed you are with your weight loss!

Are you interested in more quick weight loss tips? We offer pages and pages to help you with successful weight loss! 

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