Plus-Size Swimsuits,
Cover-ups & Bathing Suits

Purchasing beautiful, plus-size swimsuits used to be almost impossible, but in the last several years, all that has changed! Most of the top designers now supply bathing suits in larger sizes. Not only that, but the plus-size cover-up market has exploded as well!

When purchasing your suit, consider your best features so that you can choose the most flattering design. Is it best for you to highlight your cleavage, your back, and your legs? Should you show off your waistline or camouflage the midriff? Do you want to call attention to your bum, or cover it in a sassy little swim skirt? The possibilities are endless!

If you're self-conscious about showing your upper arms, consider purchasing a fashionable, but lightweight cover-up. That way, you'll feel more confident and still fit in with the crowd. Color is an important aspect to consider when making your purchase! If you love black, then by all means go with that, but don't choose black because it's supposed to be slimming! There are so many different fabrics and colors that will achieve the same effect. A beautiful animal print, for example, is trendy, but dark enough to cover what needs to be covered.

Many plus-size swimsuits come with internal body shapers. The Miraclesuit was probably one of the fist companies to make this their trademark style. I have owned several of their suits, and I find them to be well worth the extra cost!

If you don't like showing off your legs, you'll be happy to know that "swim dresses" are staring to pop up to rival the swim skirts that have been around for awhile. The bottom line is that you don't want to avoid wearing a bathing suit just because you're not a size 10! Fashionable, comfortable, trendy swimwear is now easily available in every size!

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