Plus-Size Jeans & Capris:
Slimming and Stylish

Fabulous plus-size jeans are easier to find than you might think! Designers are no longer creating fashionable options just for size 6 figures! That is really good news, especially for those of us that may never again wear single-digit clothing! Check out these amazing jeans from Macys!

Jeans come in every possible design and shade you can imagine. Indigo, bleached, animal-print, colored, tattered, creased, there are many decisions that must be made.

When shopping for the perfect denim slacks, there are several things that you must consider. The rear-end design is an important decision, based on whether or not you're trying to minimize or maximize that area. More embellishments draw attention to the derriere; higher pockets give the illusion of a butt-lift; and the absence of pockets allow for a "sleeker" look.

Decisions must also be made concerning the waistline. You'll have to decide if you like your waist to sit high, low, or right in the middle! That decision is mainly important if you tuck your tops in. A lower waistline will give the appearance of a longer torso, which can be more slimming.

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing your jeans is the design of the leg. Do you want your jeans to have legs that are straight, flared, bootcut, skinny, goes on and on. The fashion police would have us believe that tapered jeans are bad for short legs and straight-legged jeans tend to be the most flattering. Length is also important if you're trying to achieve the most slimming effect. The length of your jeans should skim just above the ground, whether you're wearing flats or heels.

My favorite denim slacks for summer are capris. Capris actually come in several different lengths, but my personal favorites are called "cropped." Cropped slacks hit me a few inches above the ankle, which seems to be the most flattering length for my legs. Some designers actually call this length "ankle pants."

So, there you have it...find the right plus-size jeans and you will have a valuable staple in your closet that you'll enjoy for years to come!

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