Plus-Size Evening Dresses,
Cocktail Dresses & Formals

Plus-size evening dresses have come a long way in the last decade! The days of not being able to find beautiful, fashionable clothing in every size are long gone! No longer do you have to look like you are wearing "mother of the bride" outfits to the prom! And you don't have to look like your mothers! Fabulous and stylish evening dresses are readily available if you take the time to look!

If you're looking for a plus-size cocktail dress or any kind of plus-size formal wear, you will be pleasantly surprised at all your amazing choices! These beautiful dresses are appropriate for weddings, proms, balls, galas, special dinners and banquets, and many other special events.

When shopping for fabulous evening wear, don't discount slacks. Some are made of gorgeous material that flows, and look elegant with a beautiful, beaded jacket. Remember that formal dresses no longer have to be floor-length. Anything goes in terms of dress length now and the choice is totally yours to make!

Before you start shopping for your special dress, be sure to take your measurements and compare them to the sizing chart of each individual company's website. There are wide variations in sizes from one store to the next. Shopping online can become costly when you have to pay for return shipping and handling. One of my favorite stories is how I looked for months for two fabulous dresses to wear to weddings. I must have tried on easily 50 different dresses--all styles and colors. Nothing pleased me!

I decided to hit the stores online, and quickly found two, both at Belks, and both on sale! Amazingly, they fit perfectly when they arrived! Had I not taken the time to measure myself and compare that information to the sizing chart, I would have had to send both dresses back, as they both ran small. I hope you enjoyed our plus-size evening dresses. Please visit our other clothing pages.

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