A Personal Diet Coach
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Have you ever considered a personal diet coach to assist you with your weight loss journey? Are you a yo-yo dieter? Do you have trouble sustaining your motivation? Do you feel like you have to fight the battle alone? If that describes you then you may want to consider what is rapidly becoming the most successful approach to weight loss, and that is personal coaching!

One-on-one support, knowledge, and motivation can go a long way in helping you meet your weight loss goals! Learn how to change your habits instead of just changing your diet!

Meet Personal Diet Coach, Laurie Beebe, MS, RD

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Featured on both radio and television talk shows, Laurie has over 25 years experience in the fields of nutrition and weight loss.

As a registered dietician, Laurie doesn't believe in crash diets, fad diets, or forbidden foods.   What she does believe in is helping her clients make easy behavioral changes that allow maximum weight loss with minimum effort!

Visit Laurie’s website for additional information and rates at http://www.mycoachlaurie.com and be sure to sign up for your free newsletter and tip sheets!

You can also check out Laurie's blog at http://askthedietcoach.blogspot.com

Interview with Laurie Beebe:

What is your training for being a personal diet coach?

I have been a practicing registered dietitian for over 25 years and more recently have been trained in coaching through Coach U, a coach training school accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

What does a personal diet coach do?

Coaching is the approach I use to help people change their diet for the long term. As a dietitian I am a nutrition expert and know the ins and outs of dieting and weight loss. As a coach, I know that you are the expert on your life—what are you ready to change at this time? How can you alter your eating behaviors, or even your attitudes about eating, to make a difference in the number of calories you are taking in? I meet with my clients 3 or 4 times a month to talk about what small changes they can try making in the coming week; what worked last week and what didn't; and what we can try to make things better.

Who would be a good candidate for a personal diet coach?

My clients must be ready to try something different. They have been on diets before and realize that trying to stick to a strict regimen for a few weeks doesn't do anything to make their life better. They have to be in a healthy place in their life right now so that their attention can be focused on developing a healthy lifestyle. Going through a rough spot (job change, move, illness, divorce, financial difficulties) is not usually the right time to try altering eating habits that have been long ingrained.

Can you explain the relationship you would have with your clients as their personal diet coach?

I partner with my clients via telephone. As I mentioned, they are the experts on their life, so I am not here to tell them what to do with it. I am often there to listen and reflect their statements back to them so they can realize what's going on in their mind as they think about losing weight. I can point out where negative thoughts can be tripping them up, suggest brighter ways of looking at their life in general, and bring them information about nutrition and healthy eating and activity to enlighten them about positive changes they can live with easily. I am there to hold them accountable; to challenge them; to lift them when they are discouraged; and cheer them on when they are successful.

What is your success rate?

That depends totally on the client. Many of them have a good head start and get the extra information and motivation they need after just a few short months, and go on to remain successful with their lifestyle changes. Others have too much going on in their lives and have chosen a time that is not optimal for diet coaching: Don't have time to get to the grocery store? Can't make our 45-minute call each week? Then coaching is not for you right now.

What would you say to individuals who say they can’t afford a personal diet coach?

I have found that people can afford whatever they want to afford, and taking several hundred dollars to do this now is proof they are finally ready to do something to shed the weight. It's a matter of making this a priority for the next few months instead of eating out at restaurants or buying liquor or getting manicures. If someone does not have the money to spend, they probably need to worry more about their finances right now and making behavioral changes would not come easily until their finances are under better control. For those who aren't ready to jump in, there are other shorter-term programs that are less costly; essentially a way they can "try me out".

What top three recommendations would you make to someone who wanted to improve his or her weight and overall wellness?

  • Take the time to sit down and make a list of what your goals are and why they are important. It's not just about weight loss—it's about a healthier lifestyle… not just what you don't eat, but what you do eat to maintain good nutrition. If you can't identify why being healthier is a priority in your life, you won't be able to make it through the times cravings strike.
  • Think about why you eat when you eat. Are you hungry, or do you just like the taste of the food; are you bored or lonely or angry? Substituting what you really are craving instead of eating more calories can make a huge difference in your weight in a short period of time.
  • Realize you have a choice in every decision you make. Thinking that you have to do something because it's good for you is a turn-off because it doesn't sound fun. When you realize, "I can go for a walk if I choose to and my body will feel better for it" you are more likely to become more active than when you think, "Ugh!  Now I have to go and get some exercise". Likewise, you have the choice to eat something that provides you with lots of calories and immediate gratification, or a food that gives your body the nutrition it needs to keep yourself healthier in the long run. Attitude and perspective is probably 80% of the battle for successful weight loss.

If you're having difficulty meeting your weight loss goals, now is the time to consider hiring a personal diet coach. It may just be the best money you ever spent!

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