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As Nike would say..."Just Do It!"

Have you ever considered hiring an online personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals?  

Remember all those times you thought to yourself, "I'd exercise more if I didn't have to do it alone"?  

Remember blowing off those workouts because you didn't have to be accountable? 

Remember how discouraged you felt when you couldn't find the motivation to get out the door?

Well, no more excuses! Help is on the way with your very own personal cyber-trainer!  

Meet Rebecca Attanasio, CPT:

Welcome to Online Personal Trainer

As founder and owner of e-Fit Solutions, Rebecca is a nationally certified "Advanced" Personal Trainer."  

She has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the last ten years and has been a personal trainer since 2005.  

Rebecca sits on the Advisory Board of Dine Wise, a national food delivery company, and contributes her expertise to Optimal Nutrition, another national food delivery company. She authors fitness and exercise articles for both companies and is an in-house fitness and exercise expert for

In addition to online training, Rebecca specializes in areas such as weight management, weight loss, strength training, athletic performance, body toning and sculpting, anti-cellulite programs, moms fitness training, and nutritional counseling.

You can check out Rebecca's website, services, and rates at 

Interview with Rebecca Attanasio, Online Personal Trainer:

Could you describe your training and background?

I am the founder/owner of e-FitSolutions. e-FitSolutions is a  personal training service that offers In-Home and Online Personal Training. I offer Online Personal Training for a fraction of the cost of training face-to-face with me.

I’m a Nationally Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, with years of experience helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Fitness has been a passion of mine for years and I truly enjoy helping others achieve all their health and fitness goals. 

What does an online personal trainer do?

An online trainer can train a client via the Internet anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of working face-to-face with them.  

With e-FitSolutions every online client fills out forms and gives me as much information as possible about their fitness and weight loss goals, available fitness equipment, etc. Once I have the information I create a personalized program just for that individual that they can access from their personal home page anywhere in the world. I offer easy to follow, customized online programs. 

Based on your body type, fitness level and personal goals – I create an online weight-loss plan just for you. You'll get a customized strength and cardio plan, eating guidelines, daily support & accountability and all my weight-loss/fat burning secrets! 

Who would be a good candidate for online personal training?  Is age or size a factor?

Age or size is not a factor when it comes to online training clients. No matter what your age or how much you need to lose…online training can help you!  

People who do well with online training are anyone who cannot afford a face-to-face trainer. These people could have a gym membership but not want to spend the money on a private trainer at the gym. If they hire an online trainer, which is a fraction of the cost, they can bring their customized programs with them to the gym and follow the guidelines and exercise program their online trainer creates for them. They then have access to their trainer via email for any and all questions.  

Also, another good candidate would be anyone who would rather work out at home but needs the guidance and support from a trainer to create customized programs for their personal home fitness equipment.  

Most online clients are very motivated to reach their goals, which is helpful since an online trainer will not be standing over them and pushing them as a face-to-face trainer would be.

Online clients need to commit to their programs and the online trainer keeps them motivated daily to reach their goals.

Can you explain the online relationship you would have with your clients?  How would you communicate?

I am in touch with my clients daily via email. I send them daily workout reminders and tips. I also request they send me their online food and exercise journals daily. I review their journals and email them my suggestions for change so they continue to progress. This also holds them accountable to their program and me, and gives them less opportunity to slip up. I am always there for my clients via email.  

I also offer an optional 30-minute phone consultation for any client that feels they would benefit from talking to me over the phone. This is optional since each client has his or her own needs.  

Every 4 weeks I create new programs for my clients. They receive new stretch, strength, cardio and diet programs every 4 weeks so they continue to progress. 

Could you share one of your online clients’ success stories?

My online members have had tremendous success. Please visit the testimonial page of the e-FitSolutions website to read all the great success stories from my online members. 

What would you say to individuals who say they can’t afford an online personal trainer?

Online training is very affordable. If you visit my Packages and Prices page you can see the difference in price from meeting with me in person compared to online. 

But if price is still a problem then I would recommend that the individual would get a fitness buddy (husband, sister, brother, friend) anyone with the same goals in mind and work together to reach those goals. This will hold them accountable to each other and they will reach their goals that much quicker.   

What top three recommendations would you make to someone who wanted to improve his or her overall fitness level?

  • Set small attainable weekly fitness goals. Once you reach those goals, reward yourself and set new goals.
  • Figure out your proper calorie intake for your weight loss goals and your fitness level and stick to those calories daily. Break your meals into 5-6 smaller meals (instead of 3 big meals). This keeps your metabolism up, which in turn, helps you lose weight quicker.
  • MOVE! Exercise in a way that is fun for you. If you love the beach, walk or run on the beach. If you love being outdoors, take a walk everyday. Start small and do what you enjoy. If you enjoy your workout, you will continue to reach all your weight loss goals.

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