More Tips to Help you Be Healthy!

More tips to help you experience success:

  • Write down motivational sayings and your favorite weight loss quotes and post them around your house. It's important to keep your motivation high! 
  • Develop a “mantra” and say it over and over until it comes to you naturally.  My new one is, “Be healthy, Be active, Be strong, Lose weight, Feel good, Look good!” Most experts agree that we “talk” to ourselves throughout the day.  Avoid negative messages and focus on the positive.
  • Use your visualization skills and see yourself where you want to be. This tip really works! It's important to visualize the details and not just the big picture.

  • Fight the blues that come with extra weight. You never again have to weigh as much as you weigh today.
  • If you tend to reach for the easiest, fastest thing to eat when you’re hungry, then a good tip is to keep healthy frozen meals in your freezer and healthy soups in your pantry. Choose your 10 favorite, healthy, quick meals and write them on separate index cards. Keep the stack of cards handy in the kitchen for those times when you need to eat NOW!
  • If you don’t live alone, a good tip is to designate one area in your kitchen and/or fridge for your healthy items. 
  • If you relax by sitting in front of the television, find activities that you can do to keep your hands busy. Give yourself a manicure, take up knitting or cross-stitching, or hem those pants that have been hanging in your closet. While you’re at it, do sit ups or push-ups during the commercials.
  • And finally, don’t beat yourself up when you slip. It’s really only a problem if you continue down that path. Review your "tips, tips, and more tips" and learn from your mistakes.  Identify what went wrong, decide how you should have handled it, and move on to healthier choices!  Good luck!
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