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Diets are our specialty, and our goal is to offer you quick weight loss tips that will jump-start your weight loss efforts. Many of our eating plans are what we call "drastic diets", so keep in mind that any time you severely restrict your food intake, you run the risk of vitamin deficiency. It's always a good idea to take a multivitamin daily.

Several years ago, while on vacation in Jamaica with my friends, we created an eating plan that I hoped would end, once and for all, my struggle with food. Alas, it did not (big surprise!), however, it does fill in nicely when I need to lose weight quickly or when I need to jump-start my weight loss efforts.

A few weeks prior to this vacation, my good friend, Lisa, had underdone gastric bypass surgery. After studying her new eating habits and talking back and forth, we developed the 5-4-3-2-1 Plan.

When I came home from vacation and actually tried this plan, I have to admit that it was difficult at first.  

I have always been a volume eater. Given a choice of eating a small amount high-caloric food or a large amount of low-caloric food, I would choose the one that gives me the most volume.  

I gave myself a time line of two weeks.  I figured that I could force motivation for that length of time. After about three days, I got “in the groove” and discovered that it wasn’t really so difficult at all.  

I wasn’t hungry. I attributed that to waiting a minute between bites. The fourteen-bite limitation pretty much covered a typical frozen dinner, which indicated to me that that number of bites was forced portion control. 

I lost what I considered a reasonably significant amount of weight in two weeks, enough so that I decided the plan was a “keeper” for those times when I needed a drastic program to jump-start weight loss.

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