Weight Loss Education
at the Biggest Loser Resort

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Resort

The Biggest Loser resort may just be the answer to all our prayers! 

Fans of this incredibly popular franchise are excited to learn that anyone can now take advantage of the lessons taught by Bob and Jillian! 

If you don't want to air your personal issues on national television, or if you can't get past the competitive selection process, you now have another option!

The owners of Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa in Ivins, Utah have partnered with NBC Universal Television to offer a boot-camp style program for both men and women of all fitness levels.  Spa owners, Tami Clark, Cameron Kelsch, and Michelle Kelsch may just have made the smartest decision of their lives! 

Offered as the "most affordable, calorie-controlled structured program in the weight loss resort industry", the Biggest Loser resort will offer delicious spa cuisine, a team of personal trainers, weight loss education, cardio workouts, and hiking, in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S! 

Minimum stays of at least seven days are recommended and guests should expect to workout 6-7 hours each day, while also learning about nutrition and meal planning. At $1600 a week for double occupancy, this may not be the cheapest vacation, but it will be the healthiest!

This "Biggest Loser vacation" is not about being pampered...it is instead, a chance for "Average Jane's and Joes" to change their lives, lose those last 10 pounds, or jump-start a much-needed journey to wellness! Could this be anything but a HUGE success? 

While Utah provided the very first resort of this kind, BL resorts have now opened in Malibu, California and Niagara, New York! This franchise is trying to make it as easy as possible for interested people to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Check out this resort and its amazing facilities today!

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Resort

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